Ronin Signs Overwatch Team

We welcome our new samurai as we take on Overwatch.

Esports has been developing at a rapid pace as of late. With well over 20 million concurrent users at this time, Blizzard’s latest hit Overwatch has taken the competitive gaming scene by storm. Turner’s Eleague quickly picked up the hot title as their second main attraction for its TBS broadcast.

We here at Ronin saw this phenomenon unfolding, and decided to step up to the challenge by acquiring our very own roster. With that, we warmly welcome: Steve “pLif” Canning, Richard “Alchemy” Nunez, Ryan “Zan” Matter, Brandon “RayReign” Bernatz, and Nicholas “VitaCoco” McCormick.

Steve “pLif” Canning (Support)

pLif comes to Ronin with a strong background in prior competitive FPS games where he was a primary fragger and sniper, but as he’s transitioned to Overwatch he found his home as a Support main. Reflecting on his experiences in support roles in real-life sports, he found his niche. Playing center in hockey and center mid-field in soccer gave him the skills to put his teammates in favorable positions to seal victories, which he’s translated to his gaming career. He recently came from a top NA Dirtybomb team and played for Area51 and Egocentric prior in Tribes Ascend.

Richard “Alchemy” Nunez (Support)

Alchemy comes to us as another Tribes veteran. With a storied history of playing competitive FPS for over 15 years, he’s made a smooth transition to Overwatch. As second main support for the squad, he too makes sure he sets his team up to always be in a favorable spot as pushes come in, and maintains the backline as they move in for an assault. His go-to pick for keeping his team alive and on the offense is Ana.

Ryan “Zan” Matter (DPS)

Zan is a jack-of-all-trades gamer. He’s competed at several major Starcraft 2 events including: Dreamhack Austin, MLG Anaheim, and Redbull Detroit. Before taking the leap into the semi-pro SC2 world he competed in Counter-Strike and was an avid FGC player as well. He sees Overwatch as his next big adventure and has dedicated himself to becoming a top player in yet another title. His primary role for Ronin is hitscan DPS. His consistent damage output through hitscan heroes allows his teammates to secure kills and objectives, and is critical because it’s typically the deciding factor in the way a team fight plays out. Utilizing his great analytical skills he also contributes to the team by reviewing VOD’s post-practice to better help with comp picks and address errors the team is making.

Brandon “RayReign” Bernatz (Tank)

RayReign is a primary tank for the team, and like Zan, comes from a semi-professional Starcraft 2 background. Along with a rich gaming history that includes Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Battlefield, and CS:GO, he feels that Overwatch is the culmination of everything he has learned thus far. The ability to secure objectives, frag hard and and play as a collective unit to achieve victory are the foundation from his experience. His tank hero pool is deep. Seasoned in every tank and a pocket Mei, he is the driving force that continues to push the frontline forward throughout engagements. Alongside Alchemy, he co-captains the team and shot calls in-game.

Nicholas “VitaCoco” McCormick (Off-Tank)

VitaCoco comes from a more casual gaming background with titles including Halo, Call of Duty 2 and Minecraft, but don’t let that fool you. As a veteran of high-level League of Legends and being apart of “The Harambe Comets” in Overwatch he has the skills to bring this team to the next level. He fell into the off-tank role as it was the most sought after by top teams. The stability he brings eases the stress off of his teammates and allows for a more balanced team composition.

Looking Forward

With the unfortunate departure of their recent sixth Connor “Far” Broderick the team looks to fill the void he leaves behind.

The newly knighted samurai will participate in in the Winter Premiere and look to qualify to become a household name in the upcoming Blizzard Overwatch League.