Ronin signs Matthew ‘Xzax’ Liberatore, steps into competitive Smash scene

Ronin Esports is thrilled to welcome Matthew “Xzax” Liberatore to the team, stepping into the Super Smash Bros. scene with one of the top competitive players in the United States. “Xzax” rose as an an elite Fox main in Super Smash Bros. 4, and the organization has high expectations that he’ll continue establishing himself with strong results.

“I’m really excited to be a part of the Ronin family and see how far we can take this. I have faith in them, and I’m ready to get to the next level,” “Xzax” said of joining the team.

“Xzax” previously played under Team RivaL, recently released as the organization concluded its Smash efforts.

“Matt has shown incredible commitment to his craft with competitive accolades spanning the past decade. He comes aboard as Ronin’s reemergence in the fighting game community since our stepping away from Street Fighter 5 earlier this year.

“We currently have a lot planned in terms of events for the rest of 2017 and look forward to accomplishing even more together from here on out,” Ronin managing director Josh said of adding “Xzax” to the team.

You can follow “Xzax” on Twitter here, and on Twitch here.