Ronin Esports signs Rainbow Six: Siege pro squad

Ronin Esports is excited to step back into the competitive FPS space, announcing the arrival of our Rainbow Six: Siege pro team. We’re thrilled to welcome Marcus “Talon” Lynn, Eric “Billboard” Gorski, Kevin “Chapstick” Do, Benjamin “Yellow” Trang, Ryan “P3ng” Knierim and Luke “Nineline” Carroll  to the organization.

“We are very grateful to be joining the Ronin family and help introduce them into the Rainbow Six: Siege scene. Many of us have been playing Siege since the game’s release and birth of the competitive scene. Moving forward we are focused on developing further both as a team and as individuals. We are a hungry team and with Ronin’s support we will strive to grow into a top contender in the Siege scene. Thank you for bringing us into the Ronin family,” the team said in a group statement.

The squad will be competing in the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League, which is set to launch in Spring 2018.

Rainbow Six: Siege has had tremendous support from Ubisoft since its release two years ago, growing significantly in the competitive FPS space. It’s a title we’ve enjoyed both as gamers and spectators, and supporting a team committed to reaching the top is a great opportunity for the organization.

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Eric “Billboard” Gorskitweety
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