Ronin Esports expands into PUBG, signs competitive team

Ronin's ready to win some chicken dinners with a competitive PUBG team.

Ronin Esports has officially signed  PlayerUnknown’s Battleground team “Game of Throws,” expanding into one of the fastest-growing eSports scenes for the first time.

We are excited to be entering the scene with the talented roster lineup of:

Sawyer "itzSwisher" Bucktweetytwitchy
Cameron "Duckk" Duckworthtweetytwitchy
Dirk "Kraqen" Wendlandtweetytwitchy
Damien "Minifridgejr" Maldonadotweetytwitchy
Chris "Cuhris" Narvaez tweetytwitchy

“We in the short time of being together clicked really well climbed to the top of open series to take first place, then moved up to the NA Showdown invite series. We plan to maintain top-10 on in game leader boards, and are excited to go compete to win at the upcoming majors for PUBG. We are essentially a throw-together squad of all previously top-50 players, and we all clicked really well. Beating top teams was not an issue in smaller tournaments and I feel we have potential to be a top-3, if not the best, team in PUBG,” Sawyer “itzSwisher” Buck said of the teams recent acquisition.

The squad comes from a long history of competitive shooters, and was formed about a month or so ago only to come out swinging with some recent top placements in the PUBG Online NA Showdown Series. The organization is thrilled to be a part of PUBG competitive scene and looks forward to watching our the newest branch of the team establish itself as squadron survival games grow in popularity both for players and viewers.

We are confident in Bluehole’s plans moving forward to create a a more established esports directive, in this budding “battle royale” scene. We have great faith in the games future and are excited to see as things unfold. If you’re a PUBG fan, or just curious about the game, we hope that you’ll catch us regularly competing in the PUBG Online series weekly, and many more future online/offline events and cheer for our brand new team.