Ronin Esports releases Cory “Str8Sick” Sloss

Ronin is parting ways with the veteran Halo competitor and says goodbye to part of our family.

Ronin Esports has released Cory “Str8Sick” Sloss from the organization, parting ways with the veteran competitive Halo player. The decision was made to allow the team time to adjust during the player movement period following the first two weeks of HCS fall. Ronin is currently the seventh-ranked team, with three games remaining in season play before the competition shifts to Dreamhack Denver.

“After six months of teaming with Cory “Str8Sick” Sloss, the time has come to part ways with him and look for a new fourth for my team. I am quite sad about this decision, but it had to be done. With the results of the fall HCS Season so far, I as well as the team weren’t happy. I want my team to in the top-four area and I know we have the ability to with the right fourth member. Good luck to Cory and his future team,” Halo team manager Lenny said of the decision.

“Cory has been a very loyal and hard working individual in the Ronin family. He is a seasoned veteran in esports and it shows in his demeanor as a person when working together. His accomplishments, performance and passion for the game give me no doubt that he will be able to find a good home. These past several months have been a great experience for Ronin’s initiation in the Halo scene and we plan to continue competing going forward,” Ronin Esports owner Joshua Pelekai said.

We’d like to thank Cory for being a leading voice on our team, helping Ronin establish itself in Halo competitive play. He was not only a key member of the team, but a supportive part of the family that went above and beyond to help the organization.

Ronin will now focus on addressing the open roster slot, along with preparing for HCS’ return on Sept. 20.