Ronin Halo Championship Series team #AMA

The Ronin Halo squad answer some questions and has a big announcement!

Come hang out with the Ronin Halo Championship Series squad on Twitch this Saturday, Aug. 5 at 6 p.m. ET! The team is getting together for an #AMA with the community as they prepare for the upcoming fall season of competitive play.

  • AMA starts at 6 pm EST
  • Join Discord to participate
  • Use the #AMA-Chat channel to ask your questions
  • The team will choose questions to answer, those that are chosen will receive special prizes throughout the event
  • Giveaway at the end of the session

We’ll be streaming from the official Ronin Twitch account. Lenny, eLTown, Suspector, Str8SicK, Siege and Sabinater will all stop by to answer your questions. Don’t miss out!