Ronin releases Counter Strike team, remaining in competitive scene

The end of an era for Ronin, but a new chapter awaits.

It’s with great disappointment that Ronin Esports must announce that all members of its Counter Strike: Global Offensive team have been released. We’d like to thank Dallas “Dallas” Micks, Bryan “Makka” Drouillard, Evan “Emode” Patrao and Jacob “Kaboose” McDonald for their efforts, and wish them nothing but the best as they move forward.

Ronin is looking ahead to a fresh start in our competitive Counter Strike efforts.

“We as an organization require growth in our rosters, and stuck by ours for well over a year in ESEA Premier Division, which is an exceptionally uncommon theme, but one Ronin greatly believes in. We have no intent of exiting the CS:GO scene and are in talks with several potential rosters,” Ronin general manager Justin said.

The decision to drop the roster was made reluctantly after numerous discussions with the team spanning the past several months proved unsuccessful regarding the players’ time management and commitment to CS:GO as a competitive career. Lack of progression after four seasons of playing under Ronin and attempts at roster changes led to stagnation and ultimately the decision to part ways.

“Working with players that have the potential to go far if given the time to develop is what Ronin is all about, even though it is the less popular approach in esports. Some organizations are simply a revolving door for the flavor of the month players. Constant overturn results in a disservice to the industry as opportunism and dishonesty tend to be favored methods to ‘get ahead’ in these spheres,” Ronin managing director Josh said.

“I am happy to say that current and past players I’ve worked with have found a training ground here at Ronin where they can develop their personal brands and grow with the org over time. We’ve retained that vision with every single acquisition in the near two years since Ronin was established and seek to continue working with like-minded individuals in the space. A sufficient amount of time and opportunity had been given to Evan and the boys, and that although we wish them the best, we are going to table some other offers going in to the upcoming MDL season and moving forward in to 2018,” Josh added.

Ronin is actively speaking with full teams and will continue competing in CS:GO.