Nade Guide #2

You don't always have to defend on site.

Often when you’ve taken B-site, the bomb is usually planted in “default”, which would be considered behind the double stacked boxes closest to generator.

If you’ve successfully taken the site with limited casualties one person is usually in “sun room” watching the flank, or watching vents. From sun room you will be able to hear if anyone starts to defuse the bomb. This molly will help you with some innovative strategy that will buy you time and possibly secure the round. Let me know what you think!

Stand against the corner of this box.

Place your cross hair here, horizontal lines of the cross hair right below this line and centered with the beam above. (no jump!)


Engulfs almost all of this default plant spot in flames.


Have an interesting grenade spot you think people might be interested in? Get in touch with me on Twitter @csgodevil and you might have your clever use of utility featured here on our weekly guides.