Kadiev Joins Ronin OW

...And a samurai was born

The Ronin Overwatch roster has been looking to round itself out with a 6th player ever since the departure of Connor “Far” Broderick. After hearing about a spot being open, Alpay “Kadiev” Kadiev reached out to see if he could fill the void. Being a frequent scrim partner of Ronin’s, paired with his insatiable drive to be the best made it an easy choice for the team.

Kadiev started playing competitive games around the age of 13. He was introduced to Counter-Strike 1.3, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and Unreal Tournament 2k4 early on, which constructed that competitive spirit that carries him now. Although he never went professional in esports, he attended many east coast LANs growing up.

When asked about his experience in Overwatch thus far, he replied:

“I was just some random person until season 2. I placed at 2900 and solo que climbed myself to 4300. I just love the game, and this game clicks with me so I wanted to get better.”

Kadiev comes to Ronin as a primary DPS/flex player, filling out the team composition based on their opposition at the time. His common picks are D’va, Genji, McCree, Solider 76, and Mei.

He laid out his goals for the team in 2017 and what he hopes to achieve:

“My goal with Ronin is to be Top 10 NA and slowly work up from there. Realistically you can’t say you’d wanna be #1 or top 5. There are so many good teams out there and we need to climb up this ladder. I wanna see “Oh crap its Ronin” on Twitch chat when we play.”

We are truly excited to see what we can accomplish in 2017 as Overwatch continues to expand its reach on the global esports market, and we are happy to have Kadiev on this journey with us.

Ronin Overwatch Roster:

Steve “pLif” Canning
Richard “Alchemy” Nunez
Ryan “Zan” Matter
Brandon “RayReign” Bernatz
Nicholas “VitaCoco” McCormick
Alpay “Kadiev” Kadiev