Alex Myers takes 9th at Defend the North

A star on the rise.

I caught up with Alex Myers to talk about his recent performance at Defend The North in White Plains, New York.

Alex placed 9th overall in the SFV tournament, another milestone in his legacy. He had this to say about his final placement and experience:

“I definitely fell short of my expectations, I wanted to win the tournament, not get 9th. I had to play a really strong Chun Li named Lud to make top 16 winners, I didn’t feel very confident because I hadn’t played against a Chun very much in a long time. After losing that, I had to immediately play a strong Rashid player who almost beat me 4 rounds straight with his unorthodox style before I adapted to him and ended up winning the set.

After that, I had to play Dieminion, one of the best players in the region. I wasn’t feeling very confident after he beat me 2-0 in casuals the night before pretty badly, but after talking to Chris G more about the matchup I felt more confident, and knew where to pick my spots. Luckily, I ended up beating him after we had a strange scramble in the final round where we both had 5% left. It couldn’t have been closer.

I had one more match to make top 8. I felt confident and knew I had to play one of my training partners, Julio. Julio and I hadn’t played in a while until the Wednesday before where we played in a local tournament where I beat him 6-1 very decisively. I believe this is why Julio knew exactly how I wanted to play and he was able to defeat me. Couple that in with the fact that I felt nervous playing to make top 8 on stream. Julio is better at handling those nerves after traveling much more than I have so far. I’m hoping that with my sponsorship with Ronin, that I will have my nerves handled by the next tournament and push even harder next time!”

As Alex continues to travel and gain tournament experience, his placings only seem to escalate. We at Team Ronin are proud of his performance and look forward to this young stars bright future.